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WHOIS Lookup

Basic tool for domain research

The WHOIS Lookup is a basic tool when you are searching for a new domain name for your website. It tells if a domain name is registered or not in the first place. Most of the good domains are already registered. The WHOIS record gives hints who is the owner of the domain name and how to get in touch with them in order to obtain the desired name.

Occasionally, great domain names get abandoned, because their owner is not planning, or is not able to renew them for some reason. The WHOIS Lookup comes in handy to determine when was the expiration date of the domain name. Each TLD (Top Level Domain) follows a certain expiration cycle, before it is released back to the public. Its purpose is to allow the domain owner to renew their domain name in case they have forgotten to do so. The status of the domain name, listed in the WHOIS record, gives a hint about the stage of the domains in the expiration cycle.

Essential instrument for domain debugging

Occasionally, your website may go down for no obvious reason. The first step in such cases is to check for issues with your domain name. The trivial reason is that the domain name is expired. The WHOIS Lookup will reveal the current expiration date and if you’ve missed renewing it. Then rush to your registrar, submit your renewal and wait for an hour or two for the site to get back online.

If the domain name is not expired, then the next thing to check is the name servers. The WHOIS record will reveal the set of the name servers that are applied to your domain name. Check with your DNS provider if the DNS service for your name is still active and take the necessary steps to reactivate it. A DNS issue may be more complicated, such as having an incorrect record in your DNS configuration. You will need a DNS Lookup tool in order to troubleshoot it.

If the DNS service and configuration are all fine, but your domain name still does not resolve, then you need to check the status of the domain name for a hint what may be wrong. For example, you may have applied a change to the WHOIS record, which was not confirmed by the registrant. In such cases, the domain name may get deactivated.

A list with various domain statuses and their meaning is available at: